Exercise and mental health for dogs

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Exercise and mental health for your dog.  Brain exercises to mentally stimulate your dog so that they don’t find other ways to entertain themselves like chewing on furniture chewing on your heels or just playing with things that they shouldn’t be playing with:

exercise and mental health tip #1. Any type of chew that will take them a long time to get through find something got your holistic local pet store. 

Zogoflex® Activity Dog Toy Bundlehttps://muttropolis.com/collections/play-dog-toys/products/zogoflex-dog-toy-bundle?sscid=11k5_wxn2y&utm_source=shareasale&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=2441463_501454

Zogoflex® Activity Dog Toy Bundle by West Paw™. The toy set includes three of West Paw™’s most popular toys made of extremely pliable one-of-a-kind material called Zogoflex®. These versatile toys are bound to give your sweet pup hours of enjoyment. Made in the USA and easy to clean – just toss it in the dishwasher or rinse it under the sink! Pets should be supervised when playing with toys as no toy is completely indestructible. This bright colored bundle includes three fun toys any dog will love:

 is a classic bone that provides a safer alternative to wood sticks and is best for dogs who love to gnaw and play fetch (especially in water). Made from bouncy and floatable Zogoflex® material, Hurley is extremely durable. Hurley’s classic design makes it easy for dogs to carry in their mouths while its bright colors, make Hurley easy to spot indoors or out. 


exercise and mental health tip #2. An interactive dog toy. Toys include treat dispensing ball, toys, puzzles, toys, cons, etc. Interactive Dog Toy - Varram Pet Robot

Varram Pet Fitness Robot Full Package: Treat Tossing, Schedule Automatic Drives

You can effortlessly control the level of physical activity depending on your pup’s health and needs. Plus, there is an opportunity to track the fitness statistics of your furry athlete.
To keep your dog from getting bored, the VARRAM robot will zoom around the room, engaging the pup in a fun activity and dispensing treats from time to time.


exercise and mental health tip #3. Dog Agility is an activity in which a dog has to go through an obstacle course, in as little time and with as much accuracy as possible. All breeds can successfully compete. The dog handler usually runs near the dog, directing the dog with spoken commands and body language. Examples of obstacles that dogs have to pass include tunnels, tire jumps, weave poles, seesaws, A-frames, and many more.



For the pulling activities the alternative to the H-shape harness is the X-back harness and our adjustable x-back type harness is the Perfect-fit. Despite the H-shape harness, the X-back type is tighter on the dog shape and this might be a plus during frequent change of direction during the pulling activity.

Made entirely with non-allergenic and breathable materials, it is extremely comfortable for the animal.

Reflective stripes make your dog highly visible at night.

exercise and mental health tip #4. Toys to learn how to do.   Dogs will need to use their brain and it’ll mentally stimulate like a Dog Treat Interactive Food Dispenser Ball Slow Feeding Dog Food Pet IQ Treat Toy.

Interactive Dog Toy - Food Dispenser

Dog Treat Interactive Food Dispenser Ball Slow Feeding Dog Food Pet IQ Treat Toy

  • Interactive fun feeder toy is made of Non-Toxic environmentally friendly PC material. Non-abrasive felt, just be assured that letting pet play it. 
  •  Tumbler and inside bell design will arouse the dog’s curiosity. Ideal for interactive fun for most dogs.
  •  Fun toy to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated!
  • Build-inside slow food structure design, can effectively control the dog feeding speed to prevent indigestion, but also improve its function of playing.
  •  Fill the dog ball with your dog’s favorite treats or food.
  •  It’s also a good tool to increase pet IQ.

exercise and mental health tip #5.  Walking or running in a new environment. If you’re taking the same route every day on your walk, they get used to all of the smells they get used to kind of an environment and it’s no longer as mentally, stimulating, of course, they’re still getting that physical exercise, but they’re just not having to think.  



The Neewa Hands Free Trekking Belt is ideal for walking and hiking with your dog hands-free.

The belt is made of polypropylene and is padded in the lower back area for greater comfort. It has cotton lining so that it can also be worn in contact with the skin without the risk of allergic reactions or reddening.

Perfect for dog trekking, and skijoring but also simply for going out for a walk with your dog when you want to have your hands free.

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