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Unbelievably, my dog is ignoring me, why?

Why your dog is not listen to you- and refuse to come when you call him1200628

It’s natural for us to raise our voices when our dogs don’t listen to us. Try to resist the urge. When you raise your voice, you teach your dog he only has to listen when you holler.

Behavior problems are common but it is important to know what leads a dog to behave in an ‘inappropriate’ way. We must also understand that for a dog there are really no good or bad actions, it all depends on what it has been taught.

dogs don’t listen

Dogs always have a good reason for not doing what we ask of them and try to communicate that to us–though we might not understand or agree.

dogs don’t listen –  symptoms:


Uncontrolled aggression is one of the most serious and dangerous behavioral problems in dogs.

The background of aggressiveness can be due to fear of the unknown, chasing away strangers from its territory, protecting what is its own, or distrusting its owner and therefore other people.


This is one of the frequent and annoying problems for owners (and especially neighbors). Dogs bark for different reasons, some are:

  • Warning: out of a sense of anger, frustration or to warn of their territory.
  • Looking for attention: either to be fed or to communicate what is important to it, such as going outside or meeting other dogs.
  • Fear: one of the most evident is when a dog shows restlessness or shock due to an unexpected event.
dogs don’t listen


When the dog leaves its puppy stage and still chews objects but this time in an uncontrolled way, whether it is because of anxiety, boredom, relaxation, entertainment, or hyperactivity that leads the dog to spend all its energy in this way.

Dogs don’t listen and do not respond to our call

If the dog does not come to your call and has not had any problems or disorders before, it is because it has not been taught to obey correctly. It may not know your signal or may ignore it because it associates negative things with it, such as that the walk in the park is going to end, basically associating your call with the end of the fun.

Some dogs aren’t listening simply because their owners have a misunderstanding of how well they trained their dog. … The solution is to simply not ask the dog to do things he is not capable of doing and go back and do more training! Fear. Every dog is going to have a fear of something or someone in their life.

Bad Socialization

When the dog does not socialize with other dogs or people, showing fear or aggression, it may be because it was isolated from its mother and litter-mates in its first weeks of life, if it has lived some trauma, because of its genetics, or if since it was a child it has been raised in impoverished environments or without stimuli.

How to listen to your dog

Kerry Claire from “Kerry Claire and dogs” recommends the following:

  • Humans can listen to dogs through barking, vocalizations, body language, and facial expressions
  • Watch your dog more closely than you have in the past. Even those of us who have studied canine body language for years can benefit from doing this. We become complacent over time and start to miss cues.
  • Watch your dog closely when you take her on walks. It’s always interesting to see where dogs sniff. Unfortunately, we tend to discredit their sniffing behavior because we don’t smell or see what they are sniffing
  • Observe if there are places your dog likes to go, and places she doesn’t
  • When you’re training your dog, watch closely to see if you’re communicating well with her. If you are, she should be paying attention and engaged in learning.

How to help and train your dog from home?

If you don’t have enough time, an obedience training school could be useful, but having fun at home with your canine friend and establishing a special bond while training is a satisfying experience for both of you that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Most dog obedience training fail because they never address the cause of the misbehavior.

They use outdated strength and dominance techniques and this has been proven NOT to work. It’s not just that the dog knows how to master a few tricks and already, the use of incorrect techniques can make problem behavior even worse.

How to solve the problem that dogs don’t listen to?

Mental training is very effective and increases your dog’s ability to pay attention and improve its behavior

It can function to make its mind work on memorizing, learning, and performing some tasks, solving problems, and increasing its self-esteem.

I’m sure that you need additional elements in your dog’s training program. I will suggest to you


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