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About us

About us: After a few decades of developing/supporting High Tech systems and products, I discovered that the best way to help others was to share the knowledge I had gained along the way. With this in mind, I created this website to share my knowledge of how to develop a healthy life.

A Blog about Innovation in the Nutrition, Healthy Habits, and Technologies Industry.

I love marketing, I care about health, fitness, and dogs. I’m trying to inform, educate, and, motivate people to be healthier and respect others.

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Tools for everyone (no identification needed, no data is kept on our servers”

  1. Health Calculators: BMI, FAT percentage, Hydratation Calculator, amount of PROTEIN needed according to body structure
  2.  UNIT CONVERSION TOOL: Unit Conversion and Conversion Factors —-> Distance,  Temperatura, Time, Weight, Area, Speed, Volume

About Us – Don’t let your information go to waste. If you have something you’d like to share, send it to us. We’ll put it up on our site and add attribution to your name.

The information provided on this website is not intended to replace the care provided by your primary care physician.