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Unit Conversion and Conversion Factors

unit conversion

Last updated on July 24th, 2022 at 03:59 pm

A quick and free online unit converter that converts common units of measurements. A unit conversion expresses a property as another unit of measurement.

For example, time can be expressed as minutes instead of hours, distance can be converted from meters to kilometers, or feet.

unit converter Unit Conversion

To access all our converters, navigate the menu: Distance,  Temperatura, Time, Weight, Area, Speed, Volume


From Metric to U.S. Customary Measures (Approximate Conversions)

When You KnowMultiply ByTo Find
20 m1.09approximately 21.8 yd

Unit conversion for  Distance,  Temperatura, Time, Weight, Area, Speed


SymbolWhen You KnowMultiply ByTo FindSymbol

Temperature (exact)

SymbolWhen You KnowCalculationTo FindSymbol
°Cdegree Celsiusmultiply 1.8, then add 32degree Fahrenheit°F
KKelvinsubtract 273.15degree Celsius°C

Mass (weight)

SymbolWhen You KnowMultiply ByTo FindSymbol
 metric ton
(1,000 kg)
1.10short ton 


SymbolWhen You KnowMultiply ByTo FindSymbol
cm²square centimeters0.16square inchin²
square meter1.20square yardyd²
km²square kilometer0.39square milemi²
(10,000 m2)


Press Volume Conversion to run utility

Volume – Unit Conversion 

SymbolWhen You KnowMultiply ByTo FindSymbol
mLmilliliter0.03fluid ouncefl oz
mLmilliliter0.06cubic inchin³
Lliter2.11pint, liquidpt
Lliter1.06quart, liquidqt
cubic meter35.31cubic footft³
cubic meter1.31cubic yardyd³


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How to use the Unit Conversion calculator

Use our online unit converters to quickly convert between different units of measurement. Simply choose the appropriate unit converter from our list of available options.

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