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BMI Calculator By Age And Gender – Calculate your BMI

Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 04:06 pm

How old are you? What gender are you? Are you overweight or underweight? Take our BMI calculator now to get your body mass index (BMI) score.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of a person’s weight relative to their height. It is calculated using two numbers: the person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters.
A high BMI indicates being overweight, whereas a low BMI suggests being underweight. If you want to know whether you are at risk of becoming obese, check out the BMI chart below.

A BMI calculator is very useful in determining the level of body fat of a person. This calculator is useful for both men and women. BMI is a quick way to figure out how many calories you need to create a healthy weight.

Learn how to calculate your BMI, and discover how many calories you should be eating. Try our FREE and secure health calculators. No identification is required and No data is kept on our server.

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Tools - BMI Calculator & Health Calculators

What is the body mass index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index or BMI is a measurement of someone’s weight relative to their height. The higher the number, the fatter they are. What does it mean?
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple way to determine whether you are overweight or obese. If you want to lose weight, then you should start by calculating your BMI. This is because it helps you identify where you stand in terms of health and fitness. Once you calculate your BMI, you can decide on the appropriate steps to take.

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Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI Calculator is a measurement of a person’s leanness or corpulence based on their height and weight and is intended to quantify tissue mass. It is widely used as a general indicator of whether a person has a healthy body weight for their height.

BMI Calculator

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Your BMI is……

less than 18.5:Underweight
18.5 – 24.9:Normal weight
25 – 29.9:Overweight
30 – 34.9:Class I Obese
35 – 39.9:Class II Obese
40 upwards:Class III Obese

Body Fat Calculator - BMI Calculator By Age And Gender

There are many different ways to determine body fitness. Body Fat Calculator (BFC) can be used to estimate your total body fat. Often, the level or percentage of fat is a contributor to major diseases.

Body Fat Percentage takes into account your gender, weight, and height. BFC is your most important measurement to determine progress toward health.

Body Fat Calculator

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Your body fat is ……

Recommended amount:20-25%8-14%
Adults in United States, average :22-25%15-19%
Obese :30+%25+%

Hydratation Calculator

Hydration Calculator (HC) level based on your information, season, and activity level.

You can use this water calculator (HC) to approximate the amount of water you need to consume in relation to the amount of time you will exercise and your body weight.

Hydration Calculator

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you should drink …… of water per day

Protein Calculator

Protein Calculator (PC) estimates the daily amount of dietary protein adults require to remain healthy.

PC takes into account your gender, weight, activity level, etc.

Based on these measurements we can determine how much protein you need to consume.

How much protein do you need per day?

age should be in 14 to 80 range
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You should take …… of protein per day

BMI calculator has been used for decades as the go-to measurement for health based on body size, it has been widely criticized for its oversimplification of what being healthy really means.

Why? Because BMI does not take into account your lean body mass. Muscles and bones weigh much more than fat, so lighter-weight people are not necessarily healthier. For more information about BMI alternatives.

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