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Puppies do need to chew on things, gentle guidance can teach your puppy to restrict chewing to appropriate objects, like his own toys, chewing toys for dogs.

Keeping your puppy entertained every day can be challenging. As they grow, it’s important to keep them stimulated both mentally and physically. 

Exercise and mental health for your dog.  Brain exercises to mentally stimulate your dog so that they don’t find other ways to entertain themselves like chewing on furniture chewing on your heels or just playing with things that they shouldn’t be playing with. 

How to train my dog not to chew things

Training your dog or puppy not to chew things that could be dangerous or that you don’t want them to ruin doesn’t have to be a tricky task. There are simple ways you can train them to chew the right things.

Puppies and many adult dogs love to chew anything they can get their paws on, which is fine when it’s their toys but not so great when they chew their owner’s belongings or swallow something dangerous! Our vets have put together their tips to help train your puppy or dog to chew their toys rather than your shoes or furniture.

Why do dogs chew?

Chewing is a natural part of being a dog. Puppies will often chew as part of their development and most dogs will like to chew throughout their lives.

It’s important to first understand why dogs chew. It’s a myth that dogs chew to annoy you or out of spite. This isn’t the case – dogs just need to chew something and might not have enough options to do it safely and appropriately

Speak to your vet about possible reasons as they will be able to recommend appropriate action to take if your dog is chewing excessively. If you can understand the reasons behind why your dog is chewing, addressing these will help with the problem. For example, if your dog chews due to separation anxiety, working on that anxiety with an accredited behaviorist as well as following the tips below will really help your dog. If it’s due to boredom, extra walks and playtime can be really valuable. If it’s a medical issue, your vet can help you treat the cause.

Toys for chewing dogs

For dog that likes to squeak, toss and throw their toys, rubber dog toys will provide hours of fun.

From interactive puzzles to toss and retrieve toys, we have a variety of fun items to entertain your furry pal.

For canines that are bored with their typical chew toys, try one of our puzzle dog toys. You can find here the best dog chew toys.

For active dogs, try our latex and rubber toys for throwing around the yard. Whatever your pup needs, we have a variety of fun toys to keep them engaged throughout the day.

Rubber Cow Ball Dog Toy

The natural rubber construction of this adorable cow is uniquely fabricated to be flexible, stretchable, and durable. All-natural, with no plastics and no PVC. Squeaker for added entertainment. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys as no toy is completely indestructible.

Sweet Tooth Dog Toy Bundle

Sweet Tooth Dog Toy Bundle provides all the fun without the cavities!  Soft, squeaky, and made with non-toxic natural latex with a supple texture, this canine-safe dessert trio will have your pup begging for more…playtime! The gummy bear and donut are even lightly stuffed for a better chewing experience. Please supervise your pet during playtime. While these toys are made for some serious fun, they are still dog toys and therefore not indestructible – no dog toy can be.

Puppy Hide n’ Slide Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

The Puppy Hide n’ Slide Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy is a fun way to engage your pup’s mind and activate their problem-solving skills. This level 2 intermediate puzzle dog toy comes with two types of hiding spots for snacks or kibble for a total of 14 treat compartments: under the swiveling flippers and in the hollow sliding blocks

You can vary the difficulty level by placing treats just under the flipper for newcomers. And once your puppy gets the hang of it, you can increase the challenge by placing the treats in the hollow block and watching your dog try to figure out how to slide it back and forth to release the treat into the flipper compartment. Your dog will benefit from the mental challenge and grow through interaction and fun with you!

Puppy Tornado Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Give your puppy a tornado of energy their very own Puppy Tornado Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy, the ideal toy for bored puppies that will help keep your canine occupied and mentally stimulated! This challenging toy features 3 tiers with 12 compartments for dog snacks or kibble. This entertaining dog game encourages your pup to spin the interactive puzzle’s layers to reveal the rewards – 3 bone-shaped covers can be used to make things even tougher!

Varram Pet Fitness Robot Full Package: Treat Tossing, Schedule Automatic Drives

You can effortlessly control the level of physical activity depending on your pup’s health and needs. Plus, there is an opportunity to track the fitness statistics of your furry athlete.
To keep your dog from getting bored, the VARRAM robot will zoom around the room, engaging the pup in a fun activity and dispensing treats from time to time.

Best dog chew toys

Best toys for chewing dogs

Dog Treat Interactive Food Dispenser Ball Slow Feeding Dog Food Pet IQ Treat Toy.

Interactive fun feeder toy is made of Non-Toxic environmentally friendly PC material. Non-abrasive felt just is assured that letting pet play it. 

  •  Tumbler and inside bell design will arouse the dog’s curiosity. Ideal for interactive fun for most dogs.

  • Fun toy to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated!

  • Build-inside slow food structure design, can effectively control the dog feeding speed to prevent indigestion, but also improve its function of playing.

  •  Fill the dog ball with your dog’s favorite treats or food.

  •  It’s also a good tool to increase pet IQ.



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