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yoga for seniors

Yoga refreshes your mind and spirit. Tones your body. Yoga for seniors, Keeps your internal organs and hormonal system in balance. As age progresses, it’s more important to specialize in HOW you are doing instead of what proportion you are doing. What is Chair yoga?

What kind of yoga should the seniors do?

There is a range of standing, sitting, lying down, and chair yoga exercises for you to choose from. 

The yoga positions (asana) suggested for an elderly person may be the same as those for a younger individual. The difference lies in the effort and time spent in a posture, and the flexibility involved

Benefits of yoga for seniors

  • Yoga helps keep the joints steady and flexible.
  • Helps maintain healthy bones and muscles.
  • Improves digestion and clears bowel movements.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Keeps the mind engaged and happy
  • Alleviating depression and loneliness
  • Enjoy your yoga at any age

Chair yoga for senior

Seniors may find it convenient as these asanas can be done while sitting on a chair.

  • Chair yoga relaxes the neck and back muscles, releasing pent-up stress.
  • Helps alleviate body pain, tension, and fatigue.
  • Increases flexibility enabling seniors to bend and reach the toes.
  • Helps coordinate body movements and improves the sense of balance.
  • Increases overall muscle strength​. 
Yoga chair

What precautions should seniors take?

  • Substitute warm-ups with brisk walking and joint movements.
  • Practice yoga under a trained yoga teacher and discuss your ailments with him/her.
  • Focus on repeating poses rather than holding any posture.
  • Rest adequately after each pose.
  • Make sure that your body has adjusted to your daily yoga routine before trying out new asanas.

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