What causes kidney stones, treatments to relieve pains

Kidney Stone
What causes kidney stones? –According to Webmed.com Kidney stones  (KS) are hard pebble-like objects that can form inside your kidneys. They’re made of minerals and salts. You might hear your doctor call them renal calculi or surgery for kidney stones.
Kidney stones are small — usually between the size of a kernel of corn and a grain of salt. They can form when your body has too much of certain minerals, and at the same time doesn’t have enough liquid. The stones can be brown or yellow, and smooth or rough.

It is solid a piece of material that forms in the kidneys when substances are normally found in Urine becomes very concentrated. KS is caused by high levels of calcium, oxalate, and phosphorous in urine.

KS early symptoms

  • Sharp pain in the side and back, below the ribs
  • Kidney stones back pain
  • Pain that radiates to the lower abdomen and groin
  • Burning sensation while urinating
surgery for kidney stones

What causes kidney stones / how kidney stones pass?

The best way to prevent kidney stones is to make sure you drink plenty of water to avoid getting dry. It is very important to keep urine diluted to avoid waste forming in kidney stones. 

Surgery for kidney stones or natural treatment

Surgery for kidney stones

A urologist can remove the kidney stone or break it into small pieces with the following treatments: Shock wave lithotripsy. The doctor can use a shock wave lithotripsy link to blast the kidney stone into small pieces. The smaller pieces of the kidney stone then pass through your urinary tract

How to pass kidney stones quickly with natural remedies.

The most important thing you can do for your kidney health is to take care of your body, prevent kidney stones, and reduce your chances of developing diseases that put a strain on the kidneys.

Best way to treat – Kidney stones diet

Add lemon to your water! This is the traditional natural remedy that the right kidney has got. While lemon water is often touted as a cleansing or alkaline drink, the main reason being helpful in reducing stone formation is its citric acid content. Citric acid prevents stone formation and breaks even small stones that are starting to form.

The more citric acid in the urine, the more you are protected against the formation of new kidney stones.

Benefits of drinking lemon water every morning

  • Citric acid makes urine less conducive to stone formation.
  • It prevents small stones from becoming stones-problem by coating them and blocking other materials from sticking to the stones.
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