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Congrats on your new puppy.

The NYTimes published “After sorting through hundreds of models, interviewing dog experts, assembling the top models and lugging them to a veteran trainer for examination, and then trying to break each crate at its weakest points with measured force, we found that the MidWest Ultima Pro is the crate most people should get for their dog.

It’s the most sturdy, secure and it’s designed to last over the lifetime of many dogs. It’s also available in multiple sizes.

Forbes has published the following in August 2020 :

No matter your dog’s age, size or breed , it is required to have: a Crate Training.

No matter your dog’s age, size or breed.

Talk to any veterinarian or dog trainer, and chances are they’re going to recommend getting a crate for your pup.

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Tips to choose the right dog crate

Congrats on your new puppy now one of the most important life skills your puppy needs to learn is how to properly be crate trained and learn to absolutely love their crate instead of hating it and wanting to avoid it.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when picking the right crate is the size dog crate you should get your puppy should only have just enough room to turn around and lay down in their crate.

They should not be able to play on one side and potty on the other they also should not be able to pace and circle as this actually allows them to build up their anxiety while in the crate If the crate is too big you’re going to notice that your puppy has a lot more accidents in their crate, this is because the more movement they’re allowed to have in there the more their system is going to be processing, ideally, we want them to just remain calm relaxed and resting while in their crate.

Dog crate heavy-duty or dog crate plastic?

I recommend using metal crates while crate training my dogs, but any plastic crates is OK, I find that these are easier to adjust as puppies grow because most metal crates come with a divider that can be moved as your puppy grows.

The metal crates tend to be more open and airy unless you cover them which is what I would recommend you do if you chose one of the metal crates I also found the dogs that continually had accidents in a metal crate did far better in a plastic crate when they were switched over.

If you decide to use a metal crate make sure that you not only use the divider but you cover the crate too.

Your puppy feel more comfortable and safe

Dog crate cover, why?

The key to covering the crate is to make sure that you have something bigger over the top such as a piece of plywood or cardboard so that when you put a sheet over the top the sides do not touch.

Now we cover the so that your puppy doesn’t pull in the sheet and start chewing on it. The benefits of a metal crate are that they don’t topple over if you use them for traveling sometimes the plastic crates do.

If you buy one of the better quality ones most metal crates have a tray that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes, however, the downfalls of the metal crate are that they are more open and airy, unless you cover them they do tend to rust over time they are much heavier than the plastic crates they are noisier when dogs move around in them, and some of the metal crates are made of poor quality materials, and dogs have been known to escape them very easily I find the plastic crates are far easier to clean they are very durable most of them are made of a thicker plastic that’s pretty hard to break.

Most plastic crates travel well in a vehicle or when flying.  But make sure that if your were puppies plastic crate has a smaller base it may be easier to tip over in a vehicle and for that reason, you may need to secure it in the vehicle using a seat belt or straps.  Plastic crates don’t fold well and if you get a cheap one they don’t last as long.

The wooden crates might be a good investment if your puppy is well past the teething and chewing stage.

Now, these are great for dogs (dog crate XXL)  that have proven themselves trustworthy and don’t have accidents or are well beyond the chewing stage We tend to use these kinds of crates for events such as agility or obedience competitions. Not when we’re working on crate training a brand new puppy Once you’ve determined which kind of crate you want your puppy to stay in when you leave or for naptime during the day or bedtime you’re going to want to make sure you measure your puppy so that you get the right crate size.

What size of dog crate

  1. Now, you’re going to measure your puppy from the ground to the top of their head and add about 2 to 3 inches this should be the perfect height for your puppy’s crate
  2. Next, you want to measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and add about 2 to 3 in to find out how long your puppy’s crate should be your puppy shouldn’t be packed into their crate like a sardine in a can however like I said before we don’t want your puppy to have so much space that they pay syndrome around in there as this will only create behavioral problems later down the road.
  3. Now don’t forget if you are experiencing some unwanted behaviors from your puppy like barking, jumping accidents in the house don’t use the crate as punishment.

Ok… in the comments below tell me which crate are you going to choose? (plastic / metal / wood soft-sided)?.

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