How to improve health, fitness, and longevity


Health, Fitness & Longevity Solutions

Health, Fitness & Longevity

Health, Fitness & Longevity

The primary reason HFL™ products produce quick results, without negative side-effects is because the formulations are an “all-in-one” solution to a specific health topic.

It’s like having 5 different products, in ONE convenient pill. This makes getting and staying healthy easy and convenient for you while saving you money at the same time — which means long-term results!


What makes HFL™ products so effective and safe, is the fact that they are formulated by Dr. Robbins himself, for specific health problems that he has dealt with on a personal level – for himself, family, friends, private clients, professional athletes, etc.


Block Carbs, Sugars, Fats & Improve Digestion

Cholesterol Optimizer™ Improve Cholesterol, HDL/LDL Ratios & Lower Fatty Triglycerides. Decrease Homocysteine. Cleanse & Repair Liver


Physical Energy, Mental Focus, Nootropic Based, Brain Health

Body⇌Brain Energy™ Increase Whole-Body Energy. Improve Mental Performance & Memory. Increase Stamina & Neurotransmitters


Stress, Cortisol & Adrenal Support

Stress & Cortisol Relief™ Lower Elevated Stress Hormones & Cortisol Levels, Strengthen Adrenal Glands & Improve Sleep


Block Carbs, Sugars, Fats & Improve Digestion

CHEATmeals™ Block Unhealthy Fats, Sugars & Carbs From Being Absorbed. Improve Digestion & Colon Health. Reduce Gas & Bloat


Blood Pressure & Hypertension, Kidney Health

Blood Pressure Optimizer™ Improve Blood Pressure. Relax, Dilate & Strengthen Blood Vessels. Decrease Water Retention


Blood Flow & Circulation, Arterial Health

Blood Flow Optimizer™ Improve Blood Flow & Circulation. Strengthen Blood Vessels. Reduce Plaque Buildup & Heavy Metals


Improve Testosterone, Hormones, Muscle Size, Libido, Erections

AlphaViril™ Maximize Testosterone Boosting Hormones. Minimize Negative, “Aging” Hormones. Higher Libido, More Muscle & Less Fat


Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression & Faster Metabolism

Lean Optimizer™ Improve “Fat Burning” Hormones & Speed Up Metabolism. Suppress Appetite & Burn Stubborn Fat


Inflammation & Pain

Inflame & Pain Relief™ Whole-Body Inflammatory Reduction. Herbal Pain Relief. Improves Joint Health, Mobility & Flexibility


Mood, Worry, Anxiety, Panic, Mental Well-Being, Happiness

ProVanax™ Optimize Youthful, “Happy” Chemicals. Improve Mood, Relax, Sleep Better, Reduce Worry, Anxiety & Distress

Reviews and Testimonials

Get Healthy Without Confusion or Frustration. " I loved what I learned, it was so easy to implement and results were fast!"
It’s All About Health, Fitness & Longevity "... within 6 months, I've lost 40 lbs. They have tons of articles, and videos about health."

Health – Fitness: Guarantee

One Year, Satisfaction Guarantee

Most companies offer the “usual” 30-day or maybe even a 60-day guarantee. However, all HFL solutions come with a ONE YEAR satisfaction guarantee. Actually, we take it a step further and offer a “get results or get a refund + $100.00 cash back”.

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