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Why I am excited with the power of Headline Studio by CoSchedule

The title of your blog post can completely change its destiny

Last updated on November 12th, 2021 at 05:02 pm

Same facts that you must know before reading this article about headline analyzer: (1) I’m a newbie blogger, just started not a long time ago (2) English is not my mother tongue language. (3) Always I want to improve myself and the things that I’m doing.  

I read a lot about blogging and started to blog, the results were below my expectations. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why my blog was not attractive when others were blogging for the same topic and were getting better results than me. 

I have checked the content of the posts: grammar, photo quality, data, and information updated, the results were the same, I couldn’t get the reader’s attraction. 

By mistake or by accident I changed one Post Title, it was more personal, with a better “sound”.   Suddenly this post got more views, so I decided to do the same with other posts. 

The results were better. For the first time, I understood that people often decide whether to read your post – and share them – based on the title alone.

I did a deep search to find the best Headline Generator or Headline Analyzer, tried several free and paid applications. didn’t find the RIGHT ONE, until I meet “Headline Studio by CoSchedule”.

Why I like and recommend  Headline Studio by CoSchedule

I found the following aspects from the Headline Analyzer app very good for me:

A clear score for the Title and recommendations to change

CoSchedule - Score - headline analyzer

In this example, the score is 78%, in order to increase the score it is necessary to add an uncommon word or adding a power word

Classification of words of the title according to emotional /power / common/uncommon words

Each category with a unique color

History of titles and scores

Having the history, it is possible to go back and restart the option to build a better title.

CoSchedule - History - headline analyzer

Here you can see my progress with the Title, I have just started with “Write Great Post Titles”, the score was 51, adding, changing replacing words, the score goes up to 78. A good score, means that I can put this Title in my blog and I will have a good chance that people will read the article.

SEO score

Do the fact that I am using the free version, I haven’t checked this feature.

But, it is not necessary to remember to others, in marketing, sales, business development, or any competitive environment that you must look around to check, see and compare what others are doing.

Great Advice Service

The three topics: Word Count, Character Count, and Reading Grade level are working like great indicators to meat a good SEO score.

headline analyzer

Regarding the Type, remarks to me, to keep the link between title and content.

Why you must Upgrade to Headline Studio Pro?

To get access to the premium options you must upgrade, of course, that you have to pay money.

My expectations from these upgrades are the following:

  • Meet the emotional and power words plus common and uncommon words at the Word Bank, online at the same application.
  • Compare my title SEO with competitors.
  • Learn and improve my Skimmability.
  • I will try Headline Studio Pro with YouTube titles
  • I will try with emails titles

In final words, this quote is not mine, but explains 100% why do you need Headline Studio Pro, “The title of your blog post can completely change its destiny.”

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