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Diabetes type 2 vs type 1 are two different diseases with different causes

diabetes type 2 vs type 1

diabetes type 2 vs type 1, which is better / worst type 1 or type 2?

diabetes type 2 vs type 1,  are two different diseases with different causes. Learn the differences, symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options that are right for you.

Diabetes type 2 is something that many people are either familiar with or have at least heard of. Diabetes type 1, on the other hand, is less well known. This article gives a brief overview of diabetes type 1, including its causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention.

Causes of type 1 diabetes

The body’s immune system is responsible for fighting off foreign invaders, such as harmful viruses and bacteria.

In people with type 1 diabetes, the immune system mistakes the body’s own healthy cells for foreign invaders. The immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. After these beta cells are destroyed, the body is unable to produce insulin.

Causes of type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance. The body still produces insulin, but it’s unable to use it effectively.

Diabetes type 2 and type 1

diabetes: General Facts

Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1.

The percentage of people with diabetes increases with age.

Risk factors for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Risk factors for type 1 diabetes include:

People with a parent or sibling with type 1 diabetes have a higher risk of developing it themselves.

Risk factors for type 2 diabetes include:

Carrying excess weight or having obesityhaving a lot of belly fat

Physically inactive / are over age 45

How is type 1 and type 2 diabetes treated?

There’s no cure for type 1 diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin, so it must be regularly injected into the body.

Blood sugar testing is an essential part of managing type 1 diabetes because levels can go up and down quickly.

Type 2 diabetes can be managed and even reversed with diet and exercise alone

Monitoring your blood sugar is an essential part of type 2 diabetes management too. It’s the only way to know if you’re meeting your target levels.

What is the diabetes freedom program?

Diabetes freedom is a two-month plan. It consists of three simple steps that will help you reverse the evolution of the disease. It will show you how to fix your blood sugar levels quickly. Without reverting to the use of medications and their side effects. The program is completely safe, with no strict diets and no calorie counting. It will merely help you to choose the right food to eat and the right body movements to do.

diabetes freedom program_2Lifestyle factors are a very well-known determinant of the progression of the disease. In fact, obesity, stress, and lack of physical activity are the leading causes of developing diabetes.

The freedom program incorporates the following measures:

  • Eight weeks a nutritional plan that will melt the fat deposits around the pancreas
  • 2-minutes daily exercise simple routine that can be done at home
  • Tricks of meal timing that will teach you how to avoid cravings and how to preserve your energy for the day.

This program is valid, and it has scientific evidence. Many of our customers noticed considerable health benefits, and they are happy with the results.

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