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Know the smartest Oura Ring and how does it work?

What is the Oura Ring wearable fitness

Last updated on December 12th, 2021 at 08:16 am

The Oura Ring (Wearable fitness) may be a health-tracking device that monitors vital signs and provides users with daily scores on an individual’s readiness, sleep, and activity. Its tracking scores derive from what proportion-specific readings differ from a person’s baseline measurements.  (See oura ring review)

Introducing the New Oura Ring Generation 3

What’s New? – Wearable fitness next generation

  1. Daytime Heart Rate: Powered by a new suite of green LED sensors. Seeing your heart rate throughout the day and in real-time helps, you understand how your body responds to your routines, meals, stress levels, and environment. How does an extra cup of coffee or an especially stressful period impact your heart rate?
  2. Workout Heart Rate: Powered by a new suite of green LED sensors. Record your heart rate during runs, walks, and bike rides, and receive post-workout insights to help you understand the relationship between your workouts and your health. You’ll also receive a post-activity dashboard showing location, distance, and key heart rate stats. Coming to Gen3 in early 2022, with Workout Heart Rate your Oura Ring becomes a full-featured, low-profile workout tracker.1
  3. Improved Sleep Staging: One of the most accurate sleep trackers on the market is getting even better with enhanced sleep accuracy, closely matching the gold standard sleep lab test. New state-of-the-art sleep staging coming in 2022.2
  4. Upgraded to 7 Temperature Sensors: Oura uses your temperature data to help you discover when you may be getting sick (sometimes even before you experience any symptoms).
  5. Period Prediction: Your temperature data is also used to visualize your menstrual cycle and predict your period each month, so you’re always prepared. Instead of assuming that your period is on the same day each month, Oura accurately predicts your period based on the fluctuations in your body temperature as it naturally changes with the hormonal changes throughout your menstrual cycle.
  6. New Library of Wellness Content: Included in your Oura Membership, get a new library of science-backed education content and guided wellness sessions. Produced alongside world-renowned experts, Oura’s ever-growing content library includes meditation, sleep, breathwork sessions, and more designed to help you feel better, recover, learn, and perform. Available later this year.3

Wearable fitness that monitors sleep patterns, activity and more.

Wearable fitness is a convenient way for people to trace their activity levels and physical responses and support their personal fitness goals.
Oura Ring may be a smart ring that uses sensors to trace a spread of health metrics, which are available to look at on the company’s free Oura app. The device provides users with daily reports on their sleep, activity, and recovery, which can encourage them to require part in physical activity.

How it works, Wearable fitness generation 2

It takes 2 weeks of use for the device to collect enough data to determine this baseline.

The company designed this ring for people to wear 24 hours each day, and it measures bodily functions continuously during that point. The ring works by using infrared sensors on the finger arteries to live temperature from the skin.

#Oura ring review 

During the day, the Oura Ring measures:

When users sleep, the Oura Ring measures:

Wearable fitness - Features

Keep in mind that the Oura Ring isn’t a medical device designed to cure, treat, monitor, or prevent diseases.


Oura ring review

The idea with the Oura ring is that you check in each morning to see how you are doing.

The app has three areas: readiness, sleep, and activity. You can then follow each of these areas into a separate tab in the app to get a more detailed breakdown of the contributing factors. Readiness is calculated based on resting heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and body temperature. It is worth mentioning here that the temperature reading is based on a skin measurement and should not be considered useful for medical diagnosis.

The review was done by Matt Wragg (Pinbike)

Pros on Oura ring review:

+ A lot of tech for something so small and discrete
+ Great battery life
+ One-off cost with no subscription

Cons on Oura ring review: 

Data quality is not as high as expected
 Clunky integration with other apps for activity tracking
 Relatively delicate

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